Of 340 (38%) users who advertised never to enter a matchmaking relationships, 187 (20

Of 340 (38%) users who advertised never to enter a matchmaking relationships, 187 (20

Hence, considering the proven fact that browse on the cyber dating punishment remains current and also the deficiency of education regarding it, especially in the new Portuguese context, this research is designed to sign up for the increase regarding cyber relationships punishment knowledge, including regarding its experience of compound play with and relationship length. It is also hoped that abilities usually sign up to the latest development of protection and you can intervention software which might be alot more alert to these issues.

Contained in this sense, today’s research will: (i) analyze the latest incidence regarding cyber dating abuse and its facts; (ii) verify the existence of differences in cyber matchmaking discipline ranging from men and women; (iii) investigate the connection between cyber dating discipline and you may substance have fun with and (iv) look at the if there was a love ranging from cyber matchmaking punishment and you can relationship size, when you look at the degree youngsters, when you look at the A holiday in greece.

Data design

This study are distinguisheded once the a decimal and you can mix-sectional studies since nature of the info is quantitative and it absolutely was accumulated in one single moment. While doing so, it is according to the correlational paradigm, given that it is meant to understand the education and you may mode out-of association involving the variables analyzed ().


The new test was initially molded of the 1132 subjects, being less so you’re able to 894 professionals once leaving out individuals who had never been inside the an internet dating dating otherwise whoever tool were not properly done. Of your own complete professionals, 485 (54.3%) had been women and you may 409 (45.7%) was basically male, aged anywhere between 17 and you may 56 many years (Yards = , SD = step 3.69). As for the years regarding training, escort service Odessa of the respondents, 633 (72.9%) went to the first cycle, 227 (twenty six.1%) the next cycle and you will eight (1%) the newest PhD. Concerning your relationship updates, 554 (62%) participants advertised staying in a love and you will, of respondents, ten said they had experienced a relationship for under 30 days, 81 ranging from that 6 months, 64 anywhere between 7 to 11 months, 256 anywhere between you to definitely 36 months, 105 anywhere between five so you can 7 age, twenty four anywhere between eight in order to 11 years and you can nine for over eleven years. 9%) reported that they had been in a dating relationships less than a year ago and 153 (17.1%) reported that it hadn’t.


I put a beneficial sociodemographic Questionnaire made to collect information about the fresh participants’ personal information, including questions associated with its sex, age and you will cycle regarding education. Members was along with requested once they was indeed within the a dating relationships during the time, and you will on the the size. However, if these people were maybe not employed in an internet dating relationship, it actually was expected if they got been already in a single, that’s, lower than this past year.

To evaluate cyber dating punishment, we used the Portuguese style of Cyber Dating Discipline Questionnaire (CibAN; Caridade & Braga, 2019). It is a home-declaration means, including 40 circumstances, responded into the an excellent Likert-type size, and it allows so you’re able to estimate the fresh activities off victimization and you will perpetration, covering two types of discipline: handle (age.grams. “My partner or old boyfriend-mate has verified this new days out-of my past call on mobile phone applications”) and you can lead violence (age.grams. “My spouse otherwise ex boyfriend-spouse has already endangered in order to disclose secrets or reducing factual statements about me personally, using the tech”). Ergo, there are altogether five situations – victimization by the head violence, victimization of the manage, perpetration because of the direct aggression, and you can perpetration of the control (Borrajo et al., 2015b).

Out of its psychometric services, Caridade and you may Braga (2019) received a great Cronbach’s ? out-of .86 on victimization by the lead aggression foundation and you will a Cronbach’s ? out of .91 from the victimization of the manage factor. Also, good Cronbach’s ? from .89 try received from the perpetration from the direct hostility factor, throughout the perpetration because of the control factor, this new Cronbach’s ? is actually .84.

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